Beyond the compliance aspect of your tax needs, we can assist in planning for various stages of your business from inception (entity selection) to expansion, from reorganization to dissolution, we can help you understand the various pros and cons of the options that may be available to you.


Servicing your organization’s Federal, State and Local tax needs, our approach is one that explores potential ideas in order to maintain your tax cost at a minimum while adopting tax positions that will prevail potential challenges from taxing jurisdictions. Our practice is available to service the tax preparation needs of Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, as well as the preparation of Sales and Payroll tax returns.

Taxpayer Representation

Should your tax return be selected for audit by the IRS or by other state or local taxing jurisdictions, our professionals would be able to represent you before any of those audits. We are licensed to practice before taxing authorities and we have the expertise necessary to become your strongest advocate during the audit process to ensure your taxpayer rights are protected and to ensure you obtain the most favorable outcome possible. We would be able to represent you or your business regardless of whether we prepared the return under examination.